Race Tightening in Ohio, Tied in Texas

After the latest CNN poll showed Barack Obama up in Texas 50-46%, (which is a statistical tie because the difference is within the margin of error) a Rasmussen poll shows Obama closing the gap in Ohio. The newest poll, released today, shows Hillary Clinton leading 48-43%. Two weeks ago, Rasmussen showed Clinton leading by 14 points.

This tightening in Ohio may come from Obama framing Clinton as a past advocate of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which was passed during Bill Clinton’s Administration. Only 16% of Ohio’s Democratic respondents regarded NAFTA as a good thing for the country, while 55% viewed the agreement as negative.

In Texas, Obama is benefiting from 80% of African American respondents supporting his campaign. While Hillary is leading among Hispanics, the lead is much less pronounced.

Once again it seems the more voters get to see and get to know Obama, the better he does in the polls. Both of these polls show that Clinton is not gaining any ground with debates as she hoped to do. It seems Ohio and Texas, if these polls are to be trusted, will not be the vital firewalls for the Clinton campaign. Bill Clinton deemed Texas a must win. So barring a miracle, Clinton will not have the justification to continue past March 5th.

Unconfirmed reports state that Clinton is considering hiring Mike Huckabee as an outside consultant, because Mark Penn heard he was in the “miracle business.”

Ohio Democratic Presidential Primary — [Rasmussen]
Poll: It’s all tied up for Dems in Texas — [CNN]


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