Where do I put the stamp on this email? Nader loves technology.

Politico has a great story analyzing how Nader’s disconnect from technology may really hurt him this time around. Nader, who turns 74 today, is the oldest candidate in the presidential race. The piece offers some insightful gems from old man Nader.

Further showcasing his ability to connect with millennials, Nader added, “I happen to think that young people today spend too much time listening to music” and complained that people who are listening to music “don’t know you’re there” and that “you can’t even get them to sign a petition.”

The closing line of the piece sums up the entire story pretty well.

It’s ironic that at a time when voter participation is rising and civic energies are in flower online, the man who once was the essence of citizen activism will be on the sidelines, shaking his fist at the parade and telling the kids to get off his lawn.

For more fun quotes from old man Nader, including what he thinks of Facebook (hint: he doesn’t like it), head over to the story and give it a read.

Nader’s system error – [Politico]


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