Week in Review: The News Stories that Mattered for 2/24-3/1

Welcome back for the dish on the biggest stories of the past week. This coming week should be an important one too–stay tuned for details on tomorrow’s Super Tuesday Revisited.

Dmitri Medvedev Becomes Russian President:

Putin’s Presidency Ends, Not His Rule

Medvedev to Take Russian Presidency

The Fight for Texas and Ohio:

Clinton, Obama vie for votes in Ohio

Poll: It’s all tied up for Dems in Texas

Democratic Race Intensifies as Big Day Looms

Cunningham Plays Dirty:

McCain apology angers conservative host

McCain Repudiates ‘Hussein Obama’ Remarks

Bush Pushes for Intelligence Bill:

Bush ups pressure on House to pass intelligence bill

Bush admin: U.S. has ‘lost intelligence’

Bush vs. Congress: Eavesdropping Showdown

Public Financing Debacle:

McCain Presses Obama on Pledge About Public Funds

Obama and Public Financing

FEC chair: McCain can’t drop out of public financing system

DNC to File FEC Complaint Against McCain


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