(Less) Super Tuesday Results

The numbers aren’t all in yet, but we can give you a general idea of the results of March 4th’s big Democratic primaries and who came out ahead.

As you know, Texas has two separate races–a primary (which allots 2/3 of the delegates) and a caucus (which allots 1/3).

Texas Primary (99% reporting):
Clinton- 51%
Obama- 47%

Texas Caucus (40% reporting):
Obama- 56%
Clinton- 44%

Ohio (100% reporting):
Clinton- 54%
Obama- 44%

Rhode Island (100% reporting):
Clinton- 58%
Obama- 40%

Vermont (99% reporting):
Obama- 59%
Clinton- 39%

We’ll keep you updated as the rest of the results are announced. It’s looking as though Obama will maintain a delegate lead, but Clinton is still keeping her foot in the door. I wish I could slam the door on her foot.

Election Center – [CNN]


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