President Bush Endorses McCain (and Hot Dogs!)

Now that the nominee has been officially decided for the Republicans, President Bush formally endorsed John McCain at the White House on Wednesday (after a one-on-one hot dog lunch!). Many people, including the president, realize that Bush’s strong unpopularity may hinder McCain more than help him (especially with Democrats already labeling a McCain presidency as a third term for Bush).

“If he (McCain) wants me to show up, I will. If he wants me to say ‘You know, I’m not for him,’ I will,” Bush said. “Whatever he wants me to do. I want him to win. … If he wants my pretty face standing by his side at one of these rallies, I’ll be glad to show up.”

Regardless of whether Bush’s endorsement will be particularly helpful, his fundraising ability will surely be appreciated. Even a president with abysmal approval ratings can still bring in plenty of cash, which I’m sure the McCain campaign will accept with open arms. My question is: how pissed off would you be to fly all the way to Washington to have a private lunch with the president, and then get served hot dogs?

Bush backing may come at a price for McCain – [MSNBC]

Bush says he wants McCain to win presidency – [CNN]


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  1. i have a feeling people will go to town photoshopping that one…

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