A Grecian tragedy in New York

Eliot Spitzer resigned his governorship of New York state this morning after federal investigators revealed that he set up an appointment with a prostitute at a Washington, D.C. hotel.

Spitzer’s resignation capped the end of a two-day media frenzy after news outlets reported that Spitzer had arranged a meeting with an employee of the international luxury-prostituion ring Emperor’s Club VIP on February 13th; it was subsequently revealed that federal agents had wiretapped Spitzer’s communications with the organziation several times in preceding months.

Standing next to his wife, Spitzer apologized to his family and the public, acknowledging that he “cannot let [his] private failings disrupt the people’s work.”

Spitzer was widely seen as one of America’s most promising and successful young politicians. He was twice elected New York’s Attorney General and won massive settlements from Wall Street securities firms, earning him the nickname the “Sheriff of Wall Street.” In his press conference he indicated at least a temporary exile from public life, pledging to “serve the common good” outside of politics.

Governor Spitzer’s resignation is effective Monday, when Lieutenant Governor David Paterson takes his place.

Spitzer Resigns, Citing Personal Failings – (New York Times)


4 Responses

  1. Spitzer Linked to a Prostitution Ring
    by Dan Vera

    “Everyone always has a secret life” Kim says.

    Spitzer. The good boy DA.
    The anti-corruption crusader,
    Now found to have ordered in at the Mayflower.
    A $4000 dollar tab
    8 floors up from
    where J. Edgar and Tolson
    lunched in monotony for 20 years.

    “But he was sucha straight shooter” I say,
    “No one saw any signs.”

    “Those are the one I immediately suspect” she says
    “Those are the ones I suspect.”

  2. yeah peter, she’s smokin

  3. i should call elliot and get the number

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