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Minnesota’s 2nd Congressional District

As you may or may not know, a few of the main writers here are from Farmington, Minnesota which lies inside the 2nd Congressional District. The current representative of the 2nd is Republican John Kline, a global warming skeptic and one of Bush’s biggest supporters when it comes to the Iraq War.

I am currently interning for Steve Sarvi, a veteran of the Iraq War, who is trying to defeat Kline in the upcoming elections. He has served as Mayor of Watertown, in Carver County, and as a city administrator in Lanesboro, Watertown, and Victoria, Minnesota.

He is running on a platform of ending the War quickly and responsibly, making college tuition more affordable, and expanding health care coverage among other things. I recommend all who have a stake in the upcoming 2nd district election, or the Democrats holding and expanding on their majority in the House, take a look at Sarvi’s website right here. If you find it to your liking, contribute to his campaign. Even contributions such as $5 make a huge difference. After the jump is a letter to the editor I wrote that will give more insight on Steve’s issue positions as compared to John Kline’s.

Letter to the Editor- Interest Rates

I am a 19 year old from Farmington in my sophomore year at the University of Minnesota. I have already taken out about $40,000 in loans. As someone who represents the 2nd Congressional District, John Kline should be fighting to lower college tuition.

Instead, he is attempting to make it more difficult for middle class families to send their children to college. Three separate times since 2005 Kline has voted to cut as much as $15.3 billion from student loans and raise rates on parental loans.

Finally in 2007 he voted against a bill that would decrease interest rates for student borrowers. This bill passed 356-71. Kline has come to represent the lenders, instead of the students and their parents.
Steve Sarvi, a DFL Iraq War veteran who is running against Kline, understands how to better represent the constituents of the 2nd district. Steve would not vote against making college more affordable, and supports increasing the maximum Pell Grant so more students can attend college. Steve Sarvi will stand up for, not in the way of making college education more affordable for the students of the 2nd district.


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