More Questioning on Hillary’s ‘Experience’ Claims

As I have been saying for a long time now, Hillary’s claims to vast amounts of experience (35 years apparently) are grossly exaggerated. Now, a former official of Bill Clinton’s State Department Greg Craig (hey that rhymes!) is saying the same. This is significant as Hillary often speaks about the experience she gained being in the White House and now an administration official is doubting it. Craig had this to say on the issue:

If you’re running for president on the basis of your claims of experience, when you then cite examples, you should be careful to be accurate. The evidence should be accurate. And my point is that Senator Clinton and her supporters have in serious ways overstated, if not grossly exaggerated, the nature of her experience. I think she is misleading the American public on the nature of her experience.

When your entire campaign is based upon a claim of experience, it is important that you have evidence to support that claim. Hillary Clinton’s argument that she has passed ‘the Commander-in-Chief test’ is simply not supported by her record.

He further stated that Clinton uses “false charges and exaggerated claims to play politics with national security.”

Obama backer takes aim at Clinton’s experience
– [CNN]
Obama camp questions Clinton’s readiness to lead – [CNN]


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