Hillary Clinton Hates Democrats: Clinton Donors Threaten to Withold Donations to DNC

It isn’t enough that Hillary is helping Republicans by claiming that John McCain has more experience than Obama, now some of her most influential donors are threatening to withhold donations to the Democratic National Committee if the delegates from Michigan and Florida aren’t seated.  Both Michigan and Florida had their delegates stripped after violating party rules and moving their primaries before Feb. 5th.  Hillary, who was the only major candidate who left her name on the ballot in Michigan, won by large margins in both states.  If the DNC doesn’t hold replacement primaries or simply seat the lawbreaking delegates, these Hillary supporters are simply not going to donate to the Democratic Party.

Reflecting how tense the situation has become, influential fund-raisers for Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton have stepped up their behind-the-scenes pressure on national party leaders to resolve the matter, with some even threatening to withhold their donations to the Democratic National Committee unless it seats the delegates from the two states or holds new primaries there.

It looks increasingly likely everyday that the Democrats are going to do the unthinkable this November: lose another presidential election to the Republicans.

Delegate Battles Snarl Democrats – [New York Times]


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