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McCain fumbles in speech on Middle East

Speaking in Jordan Tuesday, John McCain repeatedly said that Iran was supplying al Qaeda in Iraq, which is a completely false claim. Iran is a Shi’ite nation whereas al Qaeda is a Sunni militant group. After making this mistake several times, Sen. Joe Lieberman leaned over and whispered in McCain’s ear to correct him, after which McCain apologized.

I’m sorry, the Iranians are training extremists, not al Qaeda. I am sorry.

While yes, this could be an honest mistake, it isn’t the type we should be making. After seeing the fallout that resulted from including Iran in the “axis of evil” we can’t afford and rhetorical missteps. Furthermore, if McCain honestly thought that Iran was training al Qaeda it shows a fatal flaw in his candidacy. We can’t afford to have another president who doesn’t understand Middle Eastern issues.

Some commentary from MSNBC’s First Read:

As we asked earlier, what would have been the reaction if Obama or Clinton had made this mistake? (Or what would have been the reaction if either of them, after clinching the Dem nomination, had taken a taxpayer-funded trip to the Middle East that seems more political than senatorial?) One of the ironies of this presidential contest is that despite his high profile, McCain’s words, actions, and past haven’t received the scrutiny that a presumptive nominee usually gets.

McCain warns of increasing Iranian influence – [CNN]


3 Responses

  1. Senator McCain made this comment three times within 24 hours.

  2. I believe they are waiting until McCain is the OFFICIAL Republican candidate before they pull out the big guns. I cannot believe the Republicans have been so stupid to choose a candidate that is so easily defeatable. This is nothing compared to skeletons he has in his closet. We’ve been fighting him on bad legislation for the past decade. The media has done a beautiful job of hypnotizing the sheeple into voting for this man without question even when he’d self-imploded in 2007 and ran out of money!

  3. Ha, don’t count on that. I don’t think the media is just sitting on a file folder full of dirt on McCain until the Republican party goes through the formality of actually announcing McCain as the nominee. Probably much more accurate is that the press loves McCain because he’s the most open and accessible candidate to the press.

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