Girl’s Tragedy Leads to Stricter Pool Laws


In a story that captured the sympathy of so many Minnesotans and people all over the country, the life of Abigail Taylor is one that will not be easily forgotten, and neither will her death Friday morning.

6-year-old Taylor of Edina, Minnesota was swimming in a local wading pool last summer when part of her intestinal tract was torn out by the suction of a broken drain cover. This horrendous accident needed 16 surgeries and a recent bowel, liver, and pancreas transplant. This transplant, however, sparked an unusual form of cancer that comes from organ transplants. Taylor passed away in a Nebraska hospital after fighting so hard all these months.

What has come from this sadness is a greater awareness of a disturbing problem in pool safety. Taylor’s case is not as unusual as it seems. Over 30 people have died in accidents from pool or hot tub drains, where the cover is missing or broken and the drain’s powerful suction can’t be stopped.

U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar helped enact a pool safety law on the same day as Taylor’s transplant surgeries, which Taylor herself requested to protect other children. The law requires drain covers to pass strict anti-entrapment tests and the use of less powerful drains in all existing and new public pools. Senator Geoff Michel is working on a similar bill in the Minnesota Legislature.

“She told her parents that she wanted them to tell her story so it wouldn’t happen to any other kid,” Klobuchar said. “She said the same thing to me when I visited her in the hospital.”

This story hits close to home for me–Taylor’s noble fight and desire to help others will be remembered.

Abigail Taylor: A fighter to the end; she helped spur new laws – [Star Tribune]


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