Hagel for a third party?

Sen. Chuck Hagel (R.-Neb.) made a comment in his new book “America: Our Next Chapter” elluding to his desire for a third party:

 In the current impasse, an independent candidate for the presidency, or a bipartisan unity ticket… could be appealing to Americans.

Even though Hagel is a Republican, he has been one of Bush’s staunchest critics in the Senate.

I have to say this is one of the most arrogant, incompetent administrations I’ve ever seen or ever read about. They have failed the country.

So now I take a question posed by CNN’s Jack Cafferty and ask you; is it time for a third party?

Is Hagel right that it may be time for a new political party? – [CNN]


7 Responses

  1. To be honest, I would be pretty excited for an Obama/Hagel ticket. I don’t know how effective it would be, but it would be exciting to see. Feel free to hate me Kyle haha.

  2. Well, i don’t think i’d be jumping for joy. Hagel is pretty bad ass on Iraq and immigration and I wouldnt mind him as a secretary of defense candidate.

    but he’s pro-life, anti gay (0% rating from Human Rights Campaign), voted no on removing oil subsidies, received a 0% from League of Conservation Voters, is a free trade advocate, voted against background checks at gun shows, voted against SCHIP, voted against implementing 9/11 commission report, and voted for warrentless wiretapping.

    so as obama’s vice president, I wouldn’t be too happy. but he isn’t the worst repub out there, that’s for sure.

  3. i like the idea of third, fourth, or fifth parties, but i’m not too keen on bi-partisan tickets.

  4. Yeah, poor wording on my part. It would be exciting to see a bi-partisan ticket, but not a very good idea.

  5. Someone tell me what’s wrong with a bipartisan ticket.

    And OF COURSE we need at least a third party, but for a multi-party system to work for presidential elections, we need a runoff or Borda count system and to get rid of the electoral college.

  6. Oh, read up on Unity08.com. Their site’s not much these days, but read on Wikipedia or something.

  7. there is nothing wrong with a bipartisan ticket, I would like to see it, but unfortunately i think it would be unsuccessful

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