Indiana Jonesin


The Indiana primary is more important than it looks on paper. The Hoosier state will elect seventy two pledged delegates in its May 6 primary, totaling 187 delegates when combined with North Carolina’s delegates that are up for grabs the same day (nineteen more than Pennsylvania’s April 22nd primary will award). And while poll averages show Senator Barack Obama leading Senator Hillary Clinton by double digits in the Tarheel state–and while Clinton holds similar margins over Obama in Pennsylvania–Indiana is evenly matched. Obama has an advantage due to Chicago media outlets’ proximity to northwest Indiana; Clinton has been endorsed by and campaigns with Senator Evan Bayh, a former governor and popular figure in state politics.

What does this mean? With its even odds Indiana is a good place to monitor the performance of both campaigns. If Obama wins he will erase any potential gains made by Clinton in Pennsylvania and possibly lock up the 1,627 delegates necessary to secure the nomination, according to Newsweek’s Andrew Romano. If Clinton wins she will likely gain no net delegates but will claim political capital enough to keep the race going into June.  According to Mr Romano the “conflict-obsessed media will put more stock” in results of such a close race, magnifying further the momentum of who Indianans choose at the polls. As if the Superdelegates weren’t already watching.

Indiana Shapes Up as a State of Parity for Democrats – [Washington Post]

Could Clinton Drop Out on May 7? – [Stumper, Andrew Romano’s Newsweek blog]


2 Responses

  1. Please, good folks of Indiana, vote Obama and get Hillary out of this race!
    My husbamd is from Indiana, and we are both for Obama.

    Hillary LIED on four occasions about running from gunfire in Bosnia. She swicthed her story about Nafta, and flipflopped on the war. She will trash anyone who gets in her way (Think Tonya Harding). Do you want a president who is a liar?

    Obama is honest, and actually has MORE elected years in office than HC. He is a good man, through and through, and has a brilliant mind–studied consttutional law. Read his speech on the economy. His healthcare plan is more realistic than HC’s and he has a plan to give $ to college students, and relief to folks who can’t pay their mortgages. He plans to help war veterans get better post-care and jobs. For details on this, google, and watch the clips of war veterans speaking with him. I could go on and on, but this post is getting long.
    We must come together and support the candidate who will stand up to McCain. Hillary is too full of scandal. McCain will eat her alive simply on that Bosnian lie alone.
    Obama, yes we can.

  2. […] her fresh victory in the Quaker State loses a little air.  Indiana holds its primary on 6 May.  Analysts give her an edge in the endorsements department–Senator Evan Bayh, a popular former Governor […]

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