Leahy Suggests Clinton Ought to Quit

Vermont Superdelegate and Obama supporter Senator Patrick Leahy suggested Saturday that Hillary Clinton ought to abandon her White House bid, saying she “has every right [but] not a good reason” to do so. Alluding to the unlikely odds that Clinton will beat Obama in the contest’s delegate count, he said continuing the contest when “it’s obvious who is going to win [. . .] will only help the other party’s nominee.” Leahy also praised Clinton’s tenure in the Senate, saying “she [certainly] is qualified to be President” and has a promising political future. At a later campaign event Senator Obama said he hadn’t spoken to Senator Leahy before his comments and that Clinton has the right to compete for the party’s nomination “as long as [she] is willing or able.”

Senator Leahy’s full comments are available below:


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