Republican poll shows Coleman up by six

Norm’s friends say he’s winning 

Senator Norm Coleman leads author and satirist Al Franken in Minnesota’s senate race, according to a new poll released today. The poll, conducted by Republican firm McLaughlin & Associates, shows Coleman beating Franken 46 to 40 percentage points. The poll sampled 500 registered voters from March 6-9 and has a 4.5 +/- margin of error.

According to the RealClearPolitics team, the race’s deciding factor might be which candidates union households choose; Minnesota is one of the nation’s remaining “union-heavy” states. Currently Franken leads Coleman by nine points in union households; Coleman leads Franken by twelve in nonunion households. The race is likely to be similarly tight until voters go to polls, with both candidates raising competetive sums of money and with national party leaders on both sides honing in on Paul Wellstone’s former seat.

The team at RealClearPolitics offered their prediction: “By the end of this race [. . .] it is likely that both candidates will be bloodied virtually beyond recognition.”


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