Billary made a solid $109 million since Bill left office

Sen. Hillary Clinton and former President Bill made their tax information public Friday afternoon revealing an income of over $109 million since Bill left office in 2001. This makes them in the top .001 percent of US taxpayers, or the top 14,500 people. Over $92 million of that came from speaking fees and book deals between the two of them. The withholding of tax returns had been a constant thorn in their side as many Democrats called for them to be released, which has been common campaign practice since the 1970s. The two of them gave $10.2 million in charitable donations in the past eight years, most of which has gone to the Clinton Foundation. The foundation has only given away around half of what is has collected, with most of that being dispersed after Sen. Clinton announced she was running for president.

The Obamas have reported making around $1 million in 2006, their most recent release, and John McCain’s wife Cindy, an heiress in the beer industry, is said to be worth tens of millions of dollars.

Whether or not the Clinton’s revelation will have an effect on Sen. Clinton’s blue-collar base remains to be seen in April 22nd’s Pennsylvania primary.

Clintons Made $109 Million in Last 8 Years
– [New York Times]


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