Bill Lies about Hillary’s Lying

Poor Hillary.  Just when she almost has that entire “Bosnia sniper fire” lie behind her, her former president for a husband (who also doesn’t have the greatest track record with the truth) had to go and stir up some more controversy to keep the issue alive.  Here’s a tip for Bill in the future, when you’re defending your wife for her lying, it’s typically best not to lie as well.  The Washington Post fact checked his Thursday defense of Hillary’s remarks.

Here are the principal factual errors that Bill Clinton made Thursday:

1. Hillary recounted misleading versions of her Bosnia trip more than once, talking about a harrowing “corkscrew” landing under sniper fire.

2. She gave her St. Patrick’s Day speech not “late at night,” but mid-morning.

3. There was no “immediate” apology from the Clinton camp for the misstatement. On the contrary, the campaign stood by her version of events for a week.

4. The first lady visited Bosnia not in 1995, when the country was still at war, but in 1996, when the situation was quite peaceful.

5. Hillary was not the first first lady since Eleanor Roosevelt to “go into a combat zone.” Pat Nixon visited U.S. troops in South Vietnam in 1969, while that country was still at war.

6. The former president mentioned that three American “peacekeepers” were killed as they drove into Sarajevo along a mountain road, “because they could not go the regular way.” He was citing a story told by Gen. Wesley Clark, a prominent Clinton supporter, about three U.S. diplomats (not peacekeepers) killed in August 1995 when their car hurtled down a ravine. Traveling around Bosnia was indeed very dangerous in the middle of 1995, when the war was still going on. The risks were minimal in March 1996.

The truth will set you free.

Bill Clinton Adds Fuel to Bosnia Sniper Fire – Washington Post


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