Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems?

It seems being a former president or vice-president are better economic choices than being the current president. In 2007, George and Laura Bush earned $719,274 in taxable income, but went over the tithing mark and gave more than $160,000 to charity. Dick Cheney and company magically earned $2,528,068 over the year, with the breakdown definitely not adding up. Does this mysterious million dollars surprise anyone?

In comparison, the Clintons earned $20.4 million in 2007, almost half coming from Bill’s speeches. Obama and McCain have not yet reported their 2007 incomes. However, Obama’s 2006 income hit nearly $1 million, with about half coming from the publication of The Audacity of Hope.

Perhaps we’ll see some George Bush bylines in the near future?

Bush earned $719,000 in 2007 – [CNN]

Clintons made nearly $109M since 2000 – [Yahoo]


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  1. heard that song yesterday and went to town. then my friend that was dj-ing a party last night wouldnt play it. ass.

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