The Public Financing Conundrum

The Democratic Party is asking federal courts to look into a possible violation by John McCain’s campaign in regards to his withdrawal from public financing. McCain was given $5.8 million in public financing, but refused the funds so that he wouldn’t be bound to spending limits.

The U.S. District Court will file a suit against the Federal Election Committee and its methods of enforcing rules and checking the validity of opting out of public finance–the FEC must respond within 60 days.

The DNC will request either a review of the proceeding or the opportunity to file a lawsuit against McCain’s camp. This, they hope, will prevent McCain from going over spending limits.

Why all the hubbub now? McCain got a $4 million loan last year, and the bank will require him to reapply for public funds as collateral. Democrats are questioning the validity and ethics of using public funds in this way, as well as the process of withdrawal. Although Howard Dean also withdrew during his campaign, he did not have a questionable loan hanging over his head.

DNC to file lawsuit over McCain’s refusal of public financing – [CNN]


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