Bush Addresses Climate Change

Bush spoke Wednesday on his strategy to fight global climate change in one of his first admissions that limiting emissions is a major issue. But if he does see the problem in greenhouse gases, then why not do anything about it in the United States now?

Instead, Bush explained why other countries should allow more alternative energy technology and lower-pollution plans for developing countries. As far as America goes, Bush said there should be a goal date of 2025 for stopping emissions growth. Yet there is no immediate plan he agrees with, including Congress’ ideas for emissions caps. By continuing to stall, many believe that Bush is not pursuing the issue enough and is not acting as a role model for change in other countries.

“U.S. failure to do more than stabilize emissions by 2025 likely means other developed countries won’t do any more than that, and that then ripples through to China’s position,” said Dr. Michael Oppenheimer, a climate expert. “The bottom line: It’s not nearly good enough.”

More plans should follow shortly, after meetings with large, polluting countries culminates in Paris, where talks about emission reductions are taking place.

In any case, although I’m glad he’s bringing it up, this seems another dodge on President Bush’s part from truly confronting the issue, and just pushing it out of the picture even longer. You can read his full remarks here.

President Calls for Flat U.S. Greenhouse Emissions by 2025 – [NY Times]


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