McCain lauds Obama’s speech on race, addresses climate change, torture

While appearing on Chris Matthews’ Hardball College Tour at Villanova University, Sen. John McCain had this to say in response to a question from a student about whether he would refer to himself as a “typical white person”:

May I say first that I thought that Senator Obama’s speech was an excellent speech and I think it was well presented. I think it was an important statement that he had to make at the time, and I think it was good for all of America to have heard it.

Sen. McCain also had this to say in response to a question on how he would differ from our current President:

Well, I think that there’s many philosophies and views and vision that  we share for America.  There are other areas, specific areas, in which we are in disagreement……So what‘s an area of disagreement?  Climate change. I believe that climate change is real.  I think we have to act… And I’ve said that for many, many years.  I would just like to put the question this way to my fellow Americans: Suppose that we are wrong and there’s no such thing as climate change but we go ahead and adopt green technologies and we reduce greenhouse gas emissions?  All we’ve done is give our kids a cleaner planet…

And furthermore, he discussed his positions on torture:

My point is that for the future of this country, we have to make sure that we remain a nation that does not do things that our enemies do.  And I promise you, my friends, I`ll close Guantanamo Bay and we will never torture another person in our custody again.

Unfortunately, Sen. McCain wasn’t really “grilled” and didn’t have many chances to talk about his more controversal stances among independents such as his tough talk on Iran, staunch support of the war, poor gay rights record, and pro-life stance.

Hardball College Tour: Sen. John McCain – [MSNBC]


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