Democratic leadership might intervene in primaries

How could you say no to a face like that?

The Huffington Post reported this afternoon that national Democratic leadership might force superdelegates to make public their endorsements if the primary season ends without a conclusive winner. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said he, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and DNC Chariman Howard Dean might write a joint letter demanding their endorsements; he also indicated that if they don’t decide he “might have to” be forced to intervene more personally, noting that leadership “is in contact with each other.” Pelosi and Dean have also intensified their pleas for superdelegates to end the race in order to avoid protracted battle that might hurt the eventual nominee’s general election chances.

Reid has indicated in past interviews that he had collaborated with Mr Dean in efforts to bring about the Democratic race’s conclusion. Politico also reported this afternoon that Pelosi’s spokesman said that she “has no specific plans” to write a letter [but] is not opposed to the idea.”

[Dem Leadership] May Intervene In Dem Primary” – [Huffington Post]

Reid, Pelosi, Dean may intervene in nomination” – [Politico]


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  1. I don’t think I could say no to that face, haha. That looks like a “vote for Obama bitches” face to me.

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