Popular Vote Lead?

One of Sen. Clinton’s trumpeted selling points to superdelegates in the upcoming weeks to be sure will be her dubious claim she leads the popular vote. Her numbers exclude Obama’s wins in caucus states Iowa, Maine, and Washington (as well as her victory in Nevada) because caucus vote tallies are traditionally not released. Futhermore, Clinton is counting Florida and Michigain; Obama was not on the ballot in Michigain (Clinton was the only one) and no one was allowed to campaign in Florida. Removing Michigain gives Obama a lead by around 200,000 votes and removing Florida makes that number jump to 500,000. So unless a huge Obama scandal erupts or Clinton somehow wins all the remaining states by huge margins, Barack will remain the leader in the popular vote, delegates, and eventually superdelegates on his way to the Democratic nomination.

Viewpoint: The dubious ‘popular vote’ – [BBC]


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  1. And votes kept trickling in from the primaries in Texas, Nevada, and California for Obama. But she will do anything to win, and I don’t put it by her to try something like that.

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