A decent case for an Obama-Clinton dream ticket

No, no way…really?

Andrew Sullivan, one of the pundits actually worth reading, floated the most plausible case yet for a so-called dream ticket of primary rivals Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Sullivan argues that there are three reasons Clinton has stayed in the primaries despite the obvious and insurmountable delegate lead Obama has:

…she simply cannot tolerate losing a nomination she believes she has a dynastic right to; she is trying to ensure that Obama loses in 2008 in order to run again herself in 2012; or she wants to be offered the vice-presidential spot on an Obama-led ticket. I’m beginning to suspect the last option is the most plausible…

He cites the example of the 1960 dream ticket of John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson, both bitter rivals that coalesced into a ticket that offered both Kennedy’s youthful appeal and the practicality that conservative voters saw in Johnson. He also brings up the potential problem of the former President Clinton meddling in the White House under Obama, who some speculate Clinton sees as his own rival. If the situation arises, though, Sullivan predicts Obama will be smart enough to keep the Clintons on his side, rather than out of office and plotting how to get back in.

A good read. Check it out.

Obama-Clinton, a hate-filled dream ticket – [Times Online]


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