Early exit poll highlights from NC and IN

More from him later

Here are the major findings in exit polls so far in both states:

-Around two-thirds of voters in both North Carolina and Indiana said the economy was their top concern; forty percent of Indiana’s respondents and nearly as many North Carolinians said America’s economic downturn had significantly affected them.

-Thirty percent of voters in Indiana, whose primary is open to Republicans and Independents, identified themselves as either Republicans (10%) or independents (20%). One-fifth of voters in North Carolina’s primary, which is open to Democrats and unaffiliated voters, called themselves independents.

-One in seven voters in Indiana were black and one in three in North Carolina were also. Roughly fifteen percent of voters in each state were under age 30; about one quarter of the voters in each state were age 65 or older.

Early IN, NC poll highlights – [RealClearPolitics]


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