Loose ends from last night

Your writer dislikes sleeping and thought he’d indulge you with a couple nice bits from the primaries last night.

The first is from CBS, which deserves today’s prize for horrible journalism for pronouncing Hillary Clinton the winner of Indiana three hours before the rest of the world saw enough data to responsibly do the same.  Here’s the deed that won them the honor.

The second relates to utterances from both of the Democratic nominees made in their victory speeches last night:

I want to [congratulate] Senator Clinton on her victory in the state of Indiana.

I will work for the nominee of the Democratic party, because we must win in November.

The quotes from Obama and Clinton, respectively, may lend more insight into the state of the race than they might first appear to.  First, Obama’s early concession.  Earlier in the evening the Obama team predicted that Clinton would win Indiana by roughly ten thousand votes, which it eventually did.  Obama knew that such a small margin, when negated by his North Carolina landslide, would effectively end the Clinton campaign.  So congratulating Mrs. Clinton may have been his way of sending her off with a win.  After all, his first task after winning the nomination is to get her supporters to remain loyal to the party–why not get an early start?  

Mrs. Clinton’s own rhetoric reinforces this.  Aside from being unusually congenial in her speech (normally they are much more ruggedly populist and aggressive), she appeared at times nostalgic and spoke in sweeping, retrospective terms–things not common for a pol desperately needing to shore up energy and money for the coming days.  Couple that with her stated commitment to work for Senator Obama should she fail to win the nomination herself, and it seems as if she also might have been doing her part in unifying the party.

Thanks is due to a sharp contact of your writer who provided much of the impetus for this last thread.  Feel free to comment and expand on these remarks.


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