A penny for your thoughts, but a nickel will cost you seven cents

Fun fact that will only further incense the already penny-hating, fellow Civic Alert writer Curt Baker: a penny costs the United States government 1.26 cents to make.  And the nickel?  That’ll cost you 7.7 cents.  That’s right, we’re losing 2.7 cents on every nickel we make.  That’ll build up after awhile.  Copper, nickel and zinc prices have been going up over the past several years,  causing us to lose money on every penny and nickel produced.

Surging prices for copper, zinc and nickel have some in Congress trying to bring back the steel-made pennies of World War II, and maybe using steel for nickels, as well.

Keeping the coin content means “contributing to our national debt by almost as much as the coin is worth,” Gutierrez said.

Congress Looking at Steel Pennies and Nickels – [AP]


2 Responses

  1. Fuck pennies.

  2. How about we just get rid of both of them all together? The most you will ever lose on one transaction is 9 cents. BFD.

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