Obama Takes Superdelegate Lead

With a string of endorsements over the weekend, Barack Obama has now surpassed Hillary Clinton in superdelegate counts, with a tally of 276 to 271.5, according to the Associated Press.

Despite Clinton’s win in Indiana, many party members are pushing for Democrats to unite and support Obama, as he is only 160.5 total delegates away from securing the party nomination.

“I always felt that if anybody establishes himself as the clear leader, the superdelegates would fall in line,” said Don Fowler, a former chairman of the Democratic National Committee. “It is perceived that he is the leader. The trickle is going to become an avalanche.”

Since Tuesday’s primaries in North Carolina and Indiana, Obama has gained 21 superdelegates to Clinton’s two, showing a dramatic change from Clinton’s 106 superdelegate lead in January.

The superdelegates were once Clinton’s domain, comprised of people who had seen her husband’s successes and had hope for her as well, unsure of Obama’s inexperience. But the tides are quickly shifting as the DNC gets closer and party members simply want the fight to end.

Obama overtakes lead in superdelegates for first time – [AP]


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