Let the veepstakes begin

Who should be Obama’s and McCain’s VP’s? CNN.com has a slick new site featuring nearly all potential running mates and the pros and cons of each. Huffington Post also did a nice breakdown recently of Obama’s potential number twos. Who’s your pick?

Who gets second billing on the presidential ballot? – [CNN]
Obama Vice President Picks: Who Are The Frontrunners? – [Huffington Post]


4 Responses

  1. I vote Bill Richardson.

    Years of foreign policy experience, will help win western states, will help win latino vote, and wants to get the eff out of Iraq. Sounds good to me.

  2. My only worry with Bill Richardson is he doesn’t really help with the white, blue-collar vote. Ohio would be REALLY nice to win.

  3. I think the best VP would be Bill Richardson, but the democratic party really doesn’t need help with the latino vote, though some help with the western states would be nice. What Obama needs is a John Edwards or (dare I say) Billary. As Curt said, white, blue collar votes to help in swing states.

  4. And yes, I know Edwards said no, but it would be good for the party.

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