Reid: We’re going to make a decision next week

Less than a week until this is all decided? Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, pictured above totally kicking your ass in a staring contest, seems to think so.

Uncommitted superdelegate and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., visiting San Francisco, told KGO Radio today that he spoke this morning with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and last night to DNC Chairman Howard Dean. “We agree there won’t be a fight at the convention,” he said, later adding that “simple math indicates” Barack Obama is likely to become the Democratic nominee.

In April, Reid had suggested that he, Pelosi and Dean would convene after the last Democratic primary and decide on a course of action to make superdelegates take sides long before the convention. Today, he told KGO Radio’s Ronn Owens of the superdelegates, “They’ve already made their decision. That’s why we’re going to make a decision next week. It’s the same group of people. No one else is going to be involved. So they either make the decision now or they make it in August. I believe they should make it now rather than in August.”

He suggested the Democratic primary “will be ended a couple days after June 3rd.”

About time. Remember how long ago Iowa was?

Democratic Leaders Pushing to Avoid Convention Fight – [ABC News]


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