The good news keeps coming

Now he’s taking questions for himself

It’s a good week for opponents of the Bush Administration’s closed-door cronyism. Yesterday Scott McClellan, President Bush’s former Press Secretary, released a new book chronicling the ugly side of his experience in the Bush White house, reflecting in particular on Mr. Bush’s propaganda campaign in the run-up to the Iraq War and the Valerie Plame identity leak. And in an interview today he told Wolf Blitzer that he would be “glad to share [his] views” if asked to testify before Congress on the Administration’s pre-war intelligence on Iraq.

Mr. McClellan predicted the President would not be reading his book anytime soon. He also doesn’t plan to apologize to the President. Your writer is smiling as he writes all this.

McClellan: ‘I’d be glad’ to testify about the Bush White House – [CNN Political Ticker


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